Apex Racing

A men's road racing team made up of new riders to accomplished elite level racers. We're a team that lives for the leg-shredding, lung-searing, tactical game of chess involved in cycling competition. While our day jobs range from running cider businesses, to spinning underground dance tracks, to working as office squares, we enjoy living the cycling dream.



     Apex Racing History and Culture

    In 2008, a group of dedicated racers formed Apex Racing with the mindset to train smart, race hard and race often. Today, Apex Racing has become one of the premier cycling teams in the Pacific Northwest with over 70+ like-minded individuals.

    We're built on the tradition of developing new racers, strong emphasis to race as a team, and progressing together each year through the race categories. We help each other improve regardless of the natural talent or category involved, and adhere to the 'no-jerks' philosophy where respect is shown to teammates, riders on other teams, and to the community at large.

    We race to have fun, enjoy the company of our teammates, and meet the training demands required to be successful racers. By supporting our teammates both on and off the bike, giving back to the community through charitable efforts and donations, we're proud of the culture we've developed here at Apex Racing.

    Our Sponsors

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     Contact Us

    To get in touch with us, please contact info@apexracing.org or use this form